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Cartridge Case Flaring and Trimming Tools

Cartridge Case Flaring and Trimming Tools

[COD. 00025]

15,00€ / 85,00€ (VAT included) (VAT included)
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Main features

A new model is Out, please before buy caliber bushing contact us by email or phone.
Universal countersink for all calibers with female M6 attachment, it can be installed instead of the hemming bobbin. It can also be used on a normal cordless drill via its attachment.
The countersinkcan flare all calibers and can also be used to reduce the height of a cartridge case if you apply an external trimming bush.
In this case, in a single operation it accomplishes trimming and flaring.

Countersking with M6 attachment (universal for all calibers)
Connector for drill
Trimming bush (one for each caliber)
The three components are also available separately.

100% Made in Italy product



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