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Cal.20 Crimpers

Cal.20 Crimpers

[COD. 00038]

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Main features

Hardened steel hemming bobbins with female M6 attachment

N.1 : Bobbin for “Livery” powders and low weights.
N.2 : Standard all purpose bobbin.
N.3 : Bobbin for heavy weights and progressive powders.
SPECIAL : Standard rim 1mm thicker

Star Crimper
Indispensable for obtaining a star closure, it allows you to star-engrave the case.

Pre closure crimper / Ribassatore
Intermediate passage between engraving and roll crimping, allows you to optimize the star closure. Fundamental on small calibers.

Roll Crimper
Bobbin for roll crimping and closing both star and round cartridges.

Bushing Guide
To be applied externally with respect to the hemming bobbin, it keeps the cartridge case aligned during the hemming phase.

The flattener is a usefull tool for stabilizing the plastic of the case before the passage of the rim, this operation is used to ensure that the rim does not undergo changes in height once the cartridge is finished.

The coining device is used after the roll crimping of the cartridge, like all the other coils it must be adjusted precisely, and is used to lengthen the taper of the engraving folds.
With this step no central holes remain in the closure, and you do not see the incision marks on the inside of the hemmed edge.


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