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370,00€ / 2.500,00€ (VAT included) (VAT included)
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Main features

Available models:
Print shells SB-MINI ( Manual version)
Print shells SB.MINI-PLUS (Eletric version 12 Volt)
SB-MINI has been created for an amateur and professional use.
It is born for people who want to stamp their own cartridges.
It is very easy to use and it can marks logos, number and words on empty or load cartridges.
This machine does not need adjustments and it can be used for every caliber from 36 to 12 caliber.
SB-MINI use a professional ink past allowing good stamp on plastic or cardboard shells.

The kit includes:
– SB-MINI Printer
– Stamp Tipe 1
– N3 ink tubes ( Black-Silver-Gold)
– N3 Stamp support
– Biadesive tape professional
– 500 ml Cleaner
– Brush and tray for cleaning
– User manual
– The electric SB-MINI-Plus version has a power supply  110-220 / 12 volt
– Optional other stamps, support bases and inks of various colors are available

SB-3000L (Here with OMV shell feeder)

100% Made in Italy product



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