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AVS System

AVS System

[COD. 00042]

170,00 (VAT included)
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Main features

The AVS system is an electric vibrating device with a vibration regulating system. It can be applied to our OMV sisngle or double dispensers, MITO and Simply. A specific version is available for Cortini and Pezzotti and Gaep dispenders. It is very useful when using poorly flowing powders like S4, SIPE, TECNA, MB etc.
The AVS system make the poweder downfall regular obtaining constant and precise weights.
If applied to a double dispender (powder and lead) it helps the lead shots to settle and therefore increasing the dosage precision.
It comes provided with a 12V power supply (which can be connected to a 110 – 220 V power grid), assembly and operating manual.

100% Made in Italy product



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