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Main features

MITO press is adapt for the reloading of smooth barrel cartridges, specially for an amator use. Equipped with dispensers and a vibration system allows to realize a finish cartridge.
It has a strong and sturdy structure, 220 V motor transmits the movement to the rotor where roll crimper works. There are 900 rpm as output with more power, no roll crimper overheating and more precision. All stations are height regolable.

-All counterbobbins can be removable and replaceable with others of different height
-Adjustable operating lever
-Roll crimper, star crimper and ribassatore have a M6 attack. (reduction on request for other measures)
-Machine total weight 30 kg
-CE certificated machine
-2 years warranty

Additional caliber contains:
-Steel star crimper
-Steel roll crimper
-Pre closure crimper
-Bushing guide

100% Made in Italy product



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