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Main features

Simply rotary press is adapt for loading calibers 12-16-20-24-28-32-36/410 hunting and shooting ammunitions. This is possible replacing its rotary disk and its working tools.
Regolation of this machine is very easy, we tried to optimize this process as well. With few operations you can tune your press and be ready for work.
Dispensers have been studied for garanteed precise weight. Micrometic bar has a vibrating mechanism with 4 descend headed assets and 4 uphill headed assets. Machine vibration happens when powder drops into dosing chamber.
Powder and lead regulation it is realized with simple knob situated on machine sides, helping you to get dose you want.
It has 2 types of tube, one in plastic that is for lead and the other in tempered glass for powder.
This has been done for avoid powder electrostatic charges.
Steel star crimper can be adjusted in height and it has a fast and simply rotary engraft for imprint again closure folds, in case you are reloading shooting shells.
Roll crimper turns at 900 rpm based on a solid aluminium support made of 2 ball bearings, while central crankshaft is pulled by a 220 V motor with a toothed belt. Making this we will not have a directly contact with motor, avoiding overheating and getting better yield.
Machine can be used in a automatic way or in a manual way, excluding powder and lead dispensers.
For example we can release the disc from its mechanism and move shell directly under star and roll crimpers.

  • All simply 5s can be converted into simply 6s
  • Machine is provided with tools for the caliber you choise.
  • Optional AVS electric system.
  • Optional Air system


This system can be applied to all Simply presses.
With this system machine movement is managed by an air piston.
It requires a little air compressor (not included in price) that hold about 50/100 L.
Pressure required for this system is about 4.5 bar.

Available calibers: 12-16-20-24-28-32-36/410. It includes:

  • Rotary Disks
  • Steel star crimper
  • Ribassatore (in 6s version)
  • Steel roll crimper with guide bush
  • Descend tube for powder and lead appropriate to the caliber.



  • -220 V motor (in alternative 110 V) (CE Italian)
  • Transmission with 900 rpm reduction
  • Full steel machine structure
  • Sliding guide in ground and chromed steel
  • Movements on recirculating ball bushing
  • Dispensers structure is made of brass and it is worked by a cnc control machine.
  • Adjustable operating lever
  • Hemming aluminium support with ball bearings
  • Micrometric dispensers with a constant mechanic vibration
  • Powder dosage from 0.30g upwards
  • Lead dosage from 8 to 52 g (from lead number 3 to 12)
  • Temperate glass tube for powder and Plexiglas tube for lead
  • Roll crimper, star crimper and ribassatore have a M6 attack. (reduction on request for other measures)
  • Machine total weight 32kg
  • CE certificated machine
  • 2 years warranty
  • Patent number : 0001415357

Simply’s 5S PLUS are made on request, for informations contact us

100% Made in Italy product



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