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Smart Box

[COD. 00033]

300,00€ / 595,00€ (VAT included) (VAT included)
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Main features

Is a complete press with very powerfull engine and leverage compact dimensions but it has the same features that bigged press do.
The engine has a toothed belt that revs the hemmer up to 900 rpm.
Its frame is designed to house a normal Smart press.

For those who already own a Smart press, the kit ”BOX” with all components and assembly video is available.
The complete press eight 15 kg.

Singole phase power supply 220 V, 100 V upon request (CE).

M6 bobbin attachement (adaptor for other sizes available).

SMART BOX PRESS is available in the following configurations:

– SMART BOX PLUS  press 3 stations, no crimper.

– SMART BOX PLUS KIT press 3 stations complete with: Steel star crimper, Pre closure crimper, Steel roll crimper and bushing guide, for one caliber.

– BOX: Contains all components to assemble a Smart BOX press if you have a SMART.

100% Made in Italy product



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