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Main features

Our dispenders use a new and innovative mechanical vibrations system, activaed by a manoeuvering lever, which works only during the dosing phase. It garanteed very precise weights because the vibrations is extremely constant. We get precise results even with powders that are difficult to dose such as Tecna, Mb, S4 etc.
The micrometic adjustment of the powder and lead dispender makes getting the desired dosage a quick and easy operation.
The structure is stainless steel with a brass volumetric head make by CNC controlled machinery.
The powder reservoir is made of tempered glass to prevent electrostatic charging, while the lead reservoir is plexiglass.
Each one has a tap which completely isolates the content and allows complete extraction of the reservoir without and spillage. The dispenser comes with a stand to mount it on a work bench. The version for small caliber powders (DVR-2) is extremely precise because the fact that small are used drastically reduces risk of error.

-SINGLE DISPENSER DVR-1 (powder from 0.50 to 3.50 gr)
-SINGLE DISPENSER DVR-2 (powder from 0.18 to 1.30 gr)
-SINGLE DISPENSER DVR-3 (lead from 8 to 48 gr)
-DOUBLE DISPENSER DVR-1/DVR-2 (powder and lead)
-DOUBLE DISPENSER DVR-2/DVR-3 (powder and lead)

100% Made in Italy product



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