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[COD. 00041]

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Main features

This device is to be applied to drill presses. With it, even an economical drill can work with the incisor, hemmer and depressor, consequently using the drill its full potential and turning it into a loading press. Smart has M6 male attachments for the incisor and hemmer, compatibles with ones normally found in commerce (adaptors for other threadings available). The press can be used to close all calibers (10-12-16-20-24-28-32-36/410) because the brass counter bobbins placed in the lower section are universal. You can regulate the heightof each station, making sure that, once adjusted, every case will be of the same height.

Smart is available in the following configurations:
-Smart plus press 3 stations, press only.
-Complete Smart plus press kit 3 stations for a specific caliber.

Additional caliber contains:
-Steel star crimper
-Steel roll crimper
-Pre closure crimper
-Bushing guide

100% Made in Italy product



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