Cal.12 Crimpers


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Hardened steel hemming bobbins with female M6 attachment

-N.1 : Bobbin for “Livery” powders and low weights.
-N.2 : Standard all purpose bobbin.
-N.3 : Bobbin for heavy weights and progressive powders.
-SPECIAL : Standard rim 1mm thicker

Bushing guide

To be applied externally with respect to the hemming bobbin, it keeps the cartridge case aligned during the hemming phase.
Applicable to hemming bobbins from 27mm diameter

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Caliber 12

Star Crimper 12-6, Star Crimper 12-8, SP-12-1 (Plastic Stellar Thin Edge) STEEL, SP-12-2 (Plastic Stellar Medium Edge) STEEL, SP-12-2 SPECIAL (Plastic Stellar Medium Edge) STEEL, SP-12-3 (Plastic Stellar Large Edge) STEEL, SP-12 (Stellar Plastic Medium Edge BRASS), Cal.12 SC (Stellar Hemming Cardboard) STEEL, Cal.12 OTC (Cardboard Round Edge) STEEL, Cal.12 OTP (Plastic Round Edge) STEEL, Cal.12 PALLA (Slug) STEEL, Cal.12 Q (Square) STEEL, Cal.12 Pre-Closure Crimper, Cal.12 Bushing Guide