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Ogivale Press

Ogivale Press

[COD. 00032]

270,00€ / 340,00€ (VAT included) (VAT included)
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Main features

This press is designed to make a cartridge with an ogivale closure on plastic patented by our company. The ogivale closure involues internal heat sealing of the folds, obtained with a normal star shaper and made ogivale with a dedicated bobbin. The exterior appearance of this cartridge might remind you some of past creations but this closure has some unique and innovative aspects. The folds are hermetically closed with an internal heat sealing which makes them weatherproof.
This closure results in inferior internal pressureand extraction load compared to the star and round closures now manufactered. Morequer it garantees very regular and correctly concentrated flow of pellets, placing itself in an intermediate position between pellet flows obtainable from current star and round closures. This closure is particularly suitable for small calibers that use its full potential. Given the difficulty of having a reference table including structures manufactured with other closures, it is obligatory to adjust cartridges with ogival closure with the aid of a test bench so as to verify correct combustion and harmlessness.
Our company does not assume responsibility for any accidents made by an incorrect execution of the closure which would compromise the safety of the cartridge. A careful visual inspection of the finished closure will allow you, once you have enought experience, to make an assessment of the safety of your cartridge.

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